About 'This and That & The Other Thing'

This and That & The Other Thing

TAT & TOT is where you can find all kinds of quality handmade items crafted in my studio in the Outer Banks of North Carloina, the nations premier beach encompassing Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  Home to groundbreaking history such as the first airplane flight, the first English colony in America, the tallest lighthouse in America, and so much more.

My items are showcased in a variety of galleries in the OBX, and now my customers can choose from so much more directly from me.  Each piece comes with my artist's seal and extraordinary affordability. 

Many of my pieces incorporate recycled components -

  • Bangle Bracelet Dream Catchers
  • Driftwood Paintings
  • Salvaged Beach Art
  • Remnant Metal Pie Safe Art
  • Desk-Top Accesroies 
  • New Jewelry made from Vintage Components
  • Woven Pieces using strips of Old Clothing
  • House Moccasins made from Old Bath Robes
  • Leather Accesories made from Old Coats
  • Purses made from Jeans, Belts & Leather Coats

TAT & TOT is also an outlet for all sorts of my handmade artsy products such as -

  • Native American Glass Bead Creations
  • Stamped Metal Items
  • Baby Blankets
  • Leather Items
  • Crocheted Creations
  • Knitted Items
  • Original Paintings on Canvas

I always have my eye out for new and exciting artistic creations.  It's not at all unusual to find me walking the sound shores after a storm to collect an eclectic mix of raw materials which somehow communicates to me what it is that it wants to be utilized for in it's next life.

Quality is a very important part of whatever I happen to make.  I believe that we should do everything with the very best of intentions, the best quality, and with respect for all aspects of creating.  

Being part Cherokee I feel honored to live the ideals of 'waste not want not' as well as carrying the torch of the endless light of lost arts and forgotten skills into the future and providing a platform for all generations to enjoy the magic of ordinary as well as extraordinary.

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