1908 East India Coin Knitted Glass Bead Necklace

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19".  36 strands of pale pink glass beads were strung before being attached to the knitted closure.  Bamboo Skewers were used to knit in order to achieve the tightness needed for a perfect closure.

In my box of things I had found this coin with holes already drilled in it.  Doing research I discovered that it is a British East India Company 1/4 Anna from 1908.  It's made from bronze and on the backside there is the likeness of Edward VII with the words "Edward VII King & Emperor". Undrilled it would be worth anywhere between $25 to $500.  Alas - the holes were already drilled when it was in an auction box I purchased.

So - I made a closure for this necklace out of it.

$67.23 includes shipping with a white cardboard jewelry box.