Cherokee Symbolism Tin Punching

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Living in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I frequently walk the sound shore and beach searching for anything that can be used in an expression of art.  The base of this piece is an old piece of wood likely from damage to an older home on the island during one of our many hurricanes.   This type of driftwood is similiar to tree-produced driftwood in it's preservation and lightweight qualities.

Tin sheeting was nailed to the top of the 19" piece before using tiny nails to fix 330 colorful glass beads in symbolic patterns.

There are 12 blue lines with 7 beads each.  These represent the 7 clans of the Cherokee (of which i am a descendant) and the 12 tribes of Israel (from which DNA shows our lineage).  I've added two adjacent beads on each end of the lines to evoke the sense of an arrow delineating the 7 directions we recognize (behind, each side, below, above, ahead and center)

The green beads (for growth) and the orange beads (for 'new day') point inward reminding us to stay focused on all that is good in life.

This sculpture hangs using a small piece of leather.

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