Orange 'Dolphin' Fused Glass Pendant

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This is a glass pendant that I designed and fused at home in my kiln.  The pieces in the center burst out like a flower blooming, while when viewed with the other slivers it looks like a jumping dolphin.  I used a stainless bale glued onto the back with a permanent epoxy.  It comes with a pretty ribbon so that you can enjoy it immediately but can also be worn on your favorite chain.

Hand fusing glass is a long process.  It involves in 'stacking' the glass pieces hoping for a design, melting them together until bright orange and liquified.  Then the piece has to cool completely for over an hour before it can be handled.  Then the edges are hand filed with sand paper until smooth.  The final product is a shiny lustrous piece of hand-crafted jewelry.

This unique piece is $27.23 includes shipping.