Pie Safe Art

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Back on the farm my Grandparents had pie safes.  They were constructed with sheet metal that had ornate patterns or pictures punched in them.  Maw Maw said that it was to allow the pies, bread, cakes, etc... to cool without allowing in flies.  Back in those days there wasn't air conditioning - not at our house - so windows stayed open 8 months or more every year.

When I was still in elementary school we moved to the Outer Banks to Aunt Isabel's sprawling farm.  She had several pie safes made in the old way.  I just loved the look.

So when I found some old tin punch patterns yellowed with age I decided to give it a try.  I really like to reuse and find new purposes for old things.  This is a cookie sheet that could use a good scrubbing with an Brillo pad.  I left it clean, but didn't remove the rust.  I think it adds charecture,  You can clean it up more if you want a brighter look.

It's suspended by a bit of leather and I've included a large suction cup for you to use in your window.  Of course it would look great on the wall or on the porch.

The pineapple was a symbol of hospitality.  When sea captains  returned from long voyages they usually brought fresh pineapples home. If a pineapple was displayed on the fence or porch it meant the captain had returned and all were welcome to visit.

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