Tin Art Card and Pen Holder

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Often our clients just need a little encouragement.  I took a piece of remnant sheet metal and hand punched "Welcome to my Office Where the Possibilities Are Endless" .

Then I used little nails to attach it to a piece of driftwood.  People often ask what happens to the houses and other structures that are hit hard by hurricanes. They break up in the surf and after being tumbled for years they wash back on shore.  This is just such a piece.  The top holes appear to be from square nails - which would make this piece very old.

On the back - the part facing you when you are sitting at your desk - says "You Can Do It" so that you may be encouraged too.

Horseshoe nails create a place to display your business cards, and a hole was drilled for you to place a pen.  Various glass beads make up this eclectic piece of desktop art.

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